Putting together a photo mosaic for all to enjoy

Mosaically may be a place where you'll create beautiful photo mosaics, share them together with your friends, and invite them to feature their own photos to your mosaic. It's free, fast, and easy.

How to create a photograph mosaic?

Simply upload the large picture, which is that the photo mosaic will appear as if from distant, then add the tiny photos which will structure the mosaic. Within seconds, you'll see ultra-high resolution zoomable photo mosaic, which you'll customize further to your liking. At now, you'll share your mosaic, and invite others to feature their photos to your mosaic. this is often great because more photos you employ, better your mosaic are going to be . it is also perfect for gathering photos with a gaggle of friends and family to make the right gift for somebody special.

What's free?

It's liberal to create, share, and collaborate. you'll invite your friends and family, or maybe the entire world to feature photos to your mosaic. Then you'll share links to ultra-high resolution zoomable photo mosaics online on social media and have your followers concentrate and see all of the tiny pictures, otherwise you can even embed it on your own website or blog and let people look for photos they added to your mosaic.

How high resolution is it?

Our standard resolution photo mosaic is over 300 megapixels, or about 18,000 x 18,000 pixels, which is sweet enough to print as large as 5ft x 5ft and still see all the tiny pictures in sharp detail. That's about 25 times more high resolution than 12 megapixels on the newest and great iPhone, or about 35 times more high resolution than your 4K TV. But if you would like to travel bigger, we will get assist you rise up to 90 gigapixels, which is around 300,000 x 300,000 pixels, good for printing up to 80ft x 80ft, and still each all the tiny pictures in sharp detail. That's quite 10,000 times higher resolution than your 4K TV.

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